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IPCC Working Group II Contribution to AR5

The 10th Session of Working Group II (WGII-10) was held from 25 to 29 March 2014 in Yokohama, Japan. At the Session, the Summary for Policymakers (SPM) of the Working Group II contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (WGII AR5) was approved and the underlying scientific and technical assessment accepted. More information here

Filipe D. Santos will coordinate the national coastal zones strategy

From Tuesday 25th of February 2014 to Friday 25th of April 2014

The Portuguese Environment Ministry invited Professor Filipe Duarte Santos to coordinate the team responsible for the national costal zones strategy.


Comunicação direta de Bruxelas de Humberto Delgado Rosa, atualmente Diretor do “Mainstreaming Adaptation & Low Carbon Technology” no Diretório Geral de Ação Climática da Comissão Europeia.

EU Climate Action - Desafios e Oportunidades em Portugal. Organizada pelo CCIAM no âmbito dos projectos Europeus CIRCLE2 e BASE

Nature Publication

It was published in Nature on 17 October, an article entitled "Molecular understanding of sulfuric acid-amine particle nucleation in the atmosphere" (DOI 10.1038/nature12663), the authorship team "CLOUD Experiment", which are part of researchers Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon (Filipe Duarte Santos and António Amorim) and the University of Beira Interior (António Tomé and Sandra Mogo).

Click for more detailed information about CLOUD here
Press clipping 'The Independent' here

Climate assessments: 25 years of the IPCC

Bottom-Up Climate Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe


The CIRCLE-2 network invites you to submit an abstract to its final conference "Adaptation Frontiers: Conference on European Climate Change Adaptation Research and Practice" on the 10th-12th March 2014 in Lisbon. The conference aims to share the results of 10 years of European cooperation in climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation research, and to pave the way for the development of new research in support of climate change adaptation in Europe in the next decade.

Abstracts for oral presentation must be submitted in English and have a limit of 3 000 characters.The abstracts will be evaluated and selected by the conference Scientific Committee.  Authors can submit a maximum of two abstracts and it will need to be linked in one of the following 12 themes:

Vulnerable sectors:
I. Agriculture and Forests
II. Coastal areas, marine biodiversity and fisheries
III. Terrestrial biodiversity, ecosystems and nature conservation
IV. Water resources and management
V. Health and Urban areas
VI. Economics, financial instruments and insurance
Crosscutting themes:
VII. Uncertainty and decision-making
VIII. Climate modeling, observations and scenarios: user needs for adaptation
IX. Adaptation strategies, adaptation monitoring, evaluation and indicators
X. Knowledge sharing and science-practice interactions
XI. Climate adaptation services
XII. Transition societal transformation, ethics, values and equity



Abstracts submission: 25th September to 9th December 2013

Acceptance of abstracts: 20th December 2013

Registration20th December 2013 to 20th January 2014


Submit an abstract: HERE


EEA Grants Conference: Too Much, Too Little - The Role of Water in Adaptation to Climate Change

From Monday 7th of October 2013 to Wednesday 9th of October 2013
Where:Myriad Crystal Center , Parque das Nações, Lisboa, Portugal

The Governments of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Portugal are hosting a conference on the role of water in adaptation to climate change.

The conference will explore:
The policy framework(s) for adaptation to climate change; The news in science related to impacts and vulnerabilities of water and water related sectors;
The experiences in water related national challenges, such as drought, floods or storm surges;
Adaptation policies and practices in cities, agriculture and in coastal areas;
The need to think beyond national borders

Download the programme here

Participation in this conference is targeted to those countries and actors involved in the EEA Grants programmes and/or in the development of adaptation policies in the EU. Therefore, most participants will be selected through direct invitations.

For more information visit the conference webpage here

Conferência Final do Projeto ADAPTACLIMA

A EPAL irá realizar a Conferência Final do Projeto ADAPTACLIMA, no dia 3 de julho, entre as 14.00 e as 17.30 horas, no Museu da Água dos Barbadinhos, em Lisboa. A entrada é gratuita mas sujeita a inscrição, através de envio de email para até ao dia 1 de Julho, estando a mesma condicionada à lotação do espaço.

Consulte o programa do evento aqui

Postdoctoral fellowships (3 yrs) at SIM – Laboratory for Systems, Instrumentation and Modeling in Science and Technology for Space and the Environment

From Sunday 23rd of June 2013 to Friday 5th of July 2013

SIM is a national scope key space sciences research lab in Portugal, with offices in Lisbon and Porto. Instrumentation activities include leading the Portuguese participation in ESA/Gaia and in ESO/GRAVITY. Astrophysical activities range from star/planet formation to galactic structure, including models and observations.

The applicants are expected to have a PhD for less than 5 yrs by 12/2013. If the applicant is a PhD student s/he must pass the PhD the latest by 12/2013. The fellowships are expected to start from 1/2014.

All applications will be considered, the recruiting priorities are:
a) astronomical instrumentation and data processing;
b) astrostatistics/astroinformatics;
c) astrophysical exploitation of Gaia, namely in the fields of structure and evolution the Milky Way; star clusters and stellar variability;
d) visualisation of large data sets, specially aimed at Gaia data products.

a) adaptive optics (PSF reconstruction and signal processing), integrated in the OPTICON/Adaptive Optics;
b) optical interferometry (image reconstruction and signal processing), integrated in the OPTICON/Interferometry;
c) photometric analysis algorithms E-ELT imaging data, with applications for the MICADO-like ELT-CAM.
d) astrophysical exploitation of GRAVITY

The fellows will have large research liberty, international collaborations being strongly supported. Career development opportunities, including MSc/PhD student supervision, lecturing and project leadership, are available to interested fellows.

The selected fellows will be supported to the national science foundation (FCT) application. Applicants should send a curriculum vitae (including list of publications), a description of research interests (2 pages max.), the contacts of three references. Inquiries as well as the applications should be directed to both: André Moitinho ( and Paulo Garcia (

Deadline for applications is the 5th July.

Will the Wet Get Wetter and the Dry Drier?